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Custom Knives and Horns

Flying Dutchman Horns Et Al
Salt and /or Pepper horn
Small horn containers, one with walnut ends, the other with tiger stripe maple. Use for salt or pepper. These can be made to order and as a double horn (one side salt, the other pepper).

List price $ 25 each or 2 for $ 45. Double $ 50
Powder measures
Powder measures, various grain charges. Made from deer antler, various designs.

List price $ 20 - $ 30
Rum horn/canteen
Made from cow horn with walnut ends and hand made iron staples. Holds aprox 2 pints. These can be made with various wood ends, sizes and staples.

List price $ 50
Dutch cobalt earrings
Earrings made of very old cobalt trade beads of Dutch origin, aprox 300-350 years old. Ear hooks are sterling silver with cobalt and sterling accent beads. They are aprox 2.5" from the ear hook center to end of bead. Beads are aprox 1" x 5/8".​

List price $ 50
Death to Tyrants small powder horn
Smaller size powder horn with "Death to tyrants" scrim. Maple plug, ebony fiddle spout peg with MOP dot, copper staple and brass tacks. Fine octagon twisted neck. 11" length, holds aprox 1/2 lb powder. Right hand carry.

List price $ 275
Patriot small powder horn
Small powder horn with the "shot heard around the world" scrim. Walnut plug, cherry spout peg, copper staple and brass tacks. 10 1/2" length, holds aprox 1/2 lb powder. Right hand carry.

List price $ 150
Silver and Topaz necklace
Native American necklace made of sterling silver, heishi beads and sterling accent beads. The center piece is a very large topaz crystal in a silver capture decorated with malacite cabochons and silver feathers. Hallmarked with a tipi and a J. A unusual large topaz crystal is the center piece, aprox 3.5" diameter by 1 5/8" long, 50 or so carats. Necklace itself is 24" in length.​

List price $ 300
Black leather corset
Oak tanned; dyed black; waxed heavily with bee wax. Can be worn laced tight or with 1" - 4" space, they are adjustable to an extent for the fit/ you want over your chemise. Sizes range from 29", 31" and 36" closed tight. Expanders available also.​

List price $ 40
Freshwater Pearl necklace
White oval freshwater pearls 4mm x 6mm. 
Measures 16 inches with a toggle clasp. Individually knotted pearls on silk.​

List price $ 30
Double Eagle gorget
Hand hammered copper gorget with vintage blue chech beads and bone eagles. 24" length.

List price $ 75
Join or Die day/primer horn
Great as a day horn or primer. Scrim is from Ben Franklin with the join or die mantra and the fatel tax stamp. Cherry plug and spout peg with iron staple. 7" length, holds aprox 1/4 lb powder. Right hand carry.

List price $ 250
Slave necklace
Large glass black, red and yellow white heart beads with old North African Juju talisman made from cowrie shell and camel hide. 27" length.

List price $ 50
I love to do horns and once in awhile will take on other projects of interest. Horn products range from blackpowder horns, salt/pepper containers, rum canteens, and tea kegs. All available blank horn products can be scrimed for $45 an hour. Horns are white steer, black buffalo, and one of a kind. Available items can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days.
Custom orders take up to 2 months or more as horns can take more time to do as knives. This depends on orders placed prior to yours. 
Shooting items, such as powder measures and loading blocks are done on order placed. Gorgets and beads are off the shelf and available. Leather goods like sheaths, spoorans and hunting bags are done on order but sometimes placed for sale here. 

Items ready for shipment are listed below :
Buff Rum horn/canteen
Made from Buffalo horn with walnut ends and hand made iron staples. Holds aprox 1 pint. These can be made with various wood ends, sizes and staples.

List price $ 50
Sheltowee gorget
Hand hammered copper gorget with old sky blue crow beads, ivory beads and bone turtle. 27" length.

List price $ 75
1745 Highlander Leather Sporran
Hand made from 6 oz chrome tanned brown leather. Hand stiched with waxed linen thread. Silver plated accents and brass buckles. Documented historical correct.

List price $ 150